Promote Your Products & Business


By placing your advert on an ON-TV screen you will be engaging shoppers directly with your business and drawing attention to the products, offers, and promotions you want them to notice. If you are a new shop within the Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre, this can be especially important as you want potential customers to know you have arrived and to establish your unique brand identity. You may already be an established business with a regular clientele, but it should never be forgotten that the 135,000 footfall through the mall every week, means some will certainly be new people to the area, just visiting, or are any of the 7,000 students at the Rochdale Colleges with a new intake every year. Keeping your business at the forefront of shoppers’ minds is vital in today’s trading climate.

Each advertisement is tailored to especially accentuate the individual aspects of your business presented in an engaging format. With chain stores, designer outlets and unique local businesses promoted on our screens, you too can take the opportunity to advertise, build and develop a closer relationship with your clients.

Finding the right advertising channels today amongst the multiple ways available can be confusing, and in fact many are overcrowded. The immediate and direct connection of your on-screen advertisement makes it right up there in maintaining contact with passers-by in this shopping mall in Rochdale.

Cost Effective

In order to survive and grow, your business needs customers and to get the volume of customers you need, it is essential to promote your business effectively. But advertising in local papers, leaflets etc. all come at a high cost. Digital advertising with ON-TV can be one of the most productive, therefore cost effect ways of advertising available to you, especially as rates start at just £10 per week.

This digital service ensures shoppers are fully acquainted with what you do and how to find you. Whether you are a retail outlet or restaurant within the area, perhaps promoting upcoming seasonal deals, a featured advertisement on this continual loop can bring you the exposure you are looking for. You may already utilise other social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, or Pinterest). But you either have to take time out yourself to keep updating the content or employ someone to do it for you. With the services our team at ON-TV offer, included in the weekly/monthly /or annual fee for advertising on our screens, is all the maintenance you require.

Full exposure

If you want to stand apart from your competitors while you are standing out to your customers, you need full exposure to the largest number of people who will be interested in your product or your business as a whole. You need to get in front of consumers that are actively engaged in shopping right now. We all know that these days we are bombarded with information and what may have struck someone as interesting on Instagram last night, may well be forgotten by the time they get to the mall. Striking a chord with a passer-by, brings you to attention at the right moment. Well-designed content should instantly convey the story of your business and what you offer and reflect your brand’s personality and distinguishing characteristics. It sounds like a lot, but it is simple when you use ON-TV and our designers.

Increase Sales

The screen is an extension of your business. A modern solution in a digital format which gives a professional look and feel to how you promote your business in the eyes of consumers. The shopping opportunities you are offering them generate interest and they will come to your venue, buy your products and increase your sales, feeling that this is where they want to shop. A screen advertisement that shows your expertise, your on-trend approach, makes them feel that you offer the right retail outlet for them. It’s one thing to spike interest by attracting customers through this digital advertising space creating great marketing for your venue, now it is up to you and your staff to optimize on it and realise those increased sales.

Boost Your Product’s exposure and Business’s Profile

We are here to help you get the word out about your business – large or small. Our exciting visuals are a great way to keep in touch with existing customers and to reach out and attract new customers. Gain their interest in your products and bring your business profile to the fore in the minds of many. An advertising portal in The Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre is more than just a place to push a new product, it can be the building block for customer awareness and the growth of your business overall. Because the advertisement is so flexible, with display advertising that can include video, sound, and written content, as well as being interactive, many more will engage with the format.

Become ecologically friendly

Cut out the need for flyers and brochures as a marketing instrument to promote a product or service. We know that the percentage success of such tools is not high as so many go into the bin. When you use our advertising screens all such wastage is eliminated, but your message is getting across and you are doing your bit for the planet.