Promote Your Events


Build an audience for your production or event by promoting it on our advertising screens in Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre. Whether it is a show at the Old Court Room, or the Food Festival in Littleborough, your event can be sold out when you advertise to the 35,000 shoppers passing our digital display weekly! Whether it is a local production, or a one man stand-up, our designers can produce an appealing page to draw the attention of countless individuals. That is the power of digital advertising today. Running on a loop, content can be edited at any time by our team, so if you run a Rochdale hotel for example, you can focus on seasonal events such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas as those dates come around. Allied to that, listings of selected travel companies in your area will give immediate access to information ranging from local taxi services required after a dinner dance at a hotel nearby, or chauffeured limousine hire to an upscale night out, or a stretch limo on Prom night.

Cost Effective

As the cost of printing large posters to promote an upcoming event can be prohibitive, the constant rolling loop of advertisements on these digital advertising screens make a cheaper alternative. Advertise your upcoming event by using digital advertising with ON-TV and choose the most cost-effective ways of advertising available to you, especially as rates start at just £10 per week. Printing costs simply cannot compete with rates like these. Advertisers  can rent an online space where they can monetize visitor traffic into increased ticket sales for the event they are offering.

Full exposure

All ages are eager to experience the many different types of entertainment this town offers throughout the year and the local attractions in Rochdale and the surrounding areas. Listings on our advertising screens ensure that this will be the starting point of an adventure for some, as it enables local residents and visitors alike to plan their leisure time via this one-stop digital portal. We can promote places of interest, galleries and museums and current theatre productions including plays and musicals, bands and concerts, plus comedy clubs and unmissable festivals and events. Promoters can use our screens to provide a wealth of local information and literally reach new audiences!

Increase Sales

See your ticket sales increase when you are hitting new sectors of the population who may not tune in to all local events usually. Along with checking out shops, salons and restaurants on our advertising screen, they are discovering that something new and exciting is happening in the area and it takes their interest, expanding your catchment zone. When you have put in such a huge amount of work creating an event, you want to reach out to as many people as possible in order to make it a success. Good content on your digital poster attracts the attention of prospects amidst the cacophony of social media, something our designers can make dynamic and arresting. Such content tells everyone about something they can relate to and gives them a brief glimpse of new and interesting things to do and enjoy.

Boost Your Event’s Profile

Good marketing through display advertising brings your event into the eyes of the masses in a way that appeals to all age groups. Because our digital ads span several media formats, text such as cast members for stage productions, images, audio excerpts, and video clips will bring alive the advertisement and hold attention. Lively, interactive advertisements like these identify with your target audience and elevate the perception of your event profile. A digital advertising platform like ON-TV in such a prominent location as Rochdale Exchange Shopping centre, will take your message to countless thousands over a single month.

Become ecologically friendly

When we are all becoming increasingly aware of the need to look at how we use our resources, using a digital advertising screen to promote your production or event is the eco friendly way forward. Forget paper flyers and brochures as a marketing tool to alert your audience to an upcoming date, because  you can use our advertising screens for successful marketing and help save the trees at the same time.