Promote Birthdays and Celebrations


What a great way to wish someone Happy Birthday! Or the perfect way to congratulate everyone graduating from college! Maybe to tell everyone who passes through the Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre that you have been with your wife for 50 years and are celebrating your Golden Wedding Anniversary. She may be shy and even tell you that you should not have done it, but she will be so proud to think that you made such a grand gesture!

Because our team will prepare all the graphics, you just need to give us a photo, or the important details and they create a bespoke page, tailored to you or your loved ones, in an attractive and tasteful way. Maybe you are leaving college, and everyone is going their separate ways, a group picture from your Prom Night will be something for all to share.

Let ON-TV make it a unique memory whatever the occasion, it’s affordable, it’s fun and everyone will be talking about it!! For private individuals and local businesses who may be advertising a Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea or a Valentine’s dance, there is always something worth celebrating!

Cost Effective

When clients call for more information about posting something special on our digital screen, we always ensure that the content is appropriate. Our designer will create the page and the biggest surprise for all is when they realise the price is at so little cost. An advertising page starts at £10 for the week, with longer options available.

For those big events on the calendar like New Year’s Eve, venues planning a party can advertise well in advance and know that they are reaching 35,000 people a week as they shop in the Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre. Letting everyone know about availability and tickets well in advance, means that your digital advertising screen is working hard for you and keeping your advertising costs to the minimum whilst being highly effective.

Full exposure

Digital marketing can be for the chain stores, the sole trader with a boutique shop, or for any single resident in Rochdale and the surrounding area who wants to share a message. For commercial enterprises, the failure to advertise effectively is a failure all round. From festivals or school fetes, for success there has to be exposure. If no one turns up, or the tickets are not a sell out, then lack of advertising will almost certainly be to blame.  A subscription for the relevant period of time before your event advertised on ON-TV will have everything in place and give you cause to celebrate.

Bring fame to your loved ones

Rochdale Association Football Club on a winning streak? Post a picture of the team and the score and share the love of your team with everyone who passes through the Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre! Don’t forget the cricket team – the Rochdale Cricket Club currently play in the Lancashire League and deserve your support too! Whether it is a local sports team or you are showing appreciation for an individual achievement, or just something quite random to celebrate, a personal advertisement can mean so much when you make it public on one of our advertising screens.

Let the world know

When you add a page on our ON-TV digital advertising screen then your wishes are fully public. It is a great opportunity for many of the businesses both in the shopping mall and locally to thank their customers for their loyalty over the year and to wish then a Merry Christmas, or Eid Mubarak.  Running on a loop, the content can be edited at any time to keep it current. A personal gesture or a company greeting, everyone likes to be acknowledged.

Become ecologically friendly

Some see a digital message as impersonal, but we live in an age where virtually everyone is on screen for several hours a day. With the impact of global warming, we know that by saving paper and even the fuel used to deliver just a greetings card being avoided by going digital, we can cut back a little on the damage we are doing to the planet. Those receiving your message will appreciate it all the more.