Our LCD and Plasma Advertisement Screens

Our large LCD and Plasma screens are located in popular locations, our team assess the effectiveness of advertising in these locations and only the biggest businesses are selected in any given area, so you can imagine advertising on our screens would truly make your business recognized.
Our screens are regularly checked and are strictly controlled to make sure the advertiser gets maximum exposure. Our team only consists of qualified members and 75% of our staff have been recognised by Adobe and Microsoft for their expertise.

Host Our TV's “Make Money for Doing Nothing!“

If your business attracts a large amount of customers we may be interested in placing one of our screens in your establishment. For more information, please email: team@on-tv.co.uk
or call: 01706 558272 now.

Advertise On Our TV's “Are You on TV?“

Advertising with us is truly a business tool that you should not be without, as stated above you can reach by advertising with us over 200,000 customers a week from only £10 This makes us cheaper than most other advertising options. If you would like to reach more customers your advert can be on our screens for longer period per loop to enable your business to be exposed to a larger audience.

Please Email: team@on-tv.co.uk
Please call: 01706 558272 now for information about advertising.

Other Things We Do:

ON-TV.co.uk is just the beginning we have other companies that provide other advertising solutions.
Please call our Head Office on 01706 558272

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