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Please note: if images or videos are required in your advertisement, video needs to be in full 720p high definition and everything supplied to us on removable media,         i.e. DVD discs or USB Flash pens OR via email (team@on-tv.co.uk). All images and high definition videos supplied remain the sole property of you the customer[s]; all designs and artworks remain the property of ON TV Ltd. If you are unsure of anything at this stage please speak to your sales representative or call 01706 558272


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Please note: 30% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of placing your order, deposit is non-refundable is due to time spent on artwork and design.


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By signing and dating this agreement I agree to a minimum advertising contract with ON TV Ltd for the period of 3 calendar months, supplying my own images and or high definition video[s] or have ON TV Ltd source these on my behalf. Monthly payment is required by signing a standing order or direct debit mandate, at the end of the minimum term third calendar month I have the choice to withdraw from advertising with ON TV Ltd by written notice; doing this allows me to cancel my standing order or direct debit mandate once final payment is received; then the minimum term contract will be terminated. If I do not wish to cancel the minimum contract in writing by the end of the third calendar month, I will automatically enter into a longer-term contract for a further 9 calendar months making 12 in total from my original signing; dated on this form, following the 12 calendar months term I agree to be moved on to a month by month rolling contract that I can terminate at any time by giving 30 days written notice. Following the 30 days written notice my contract will terminate up on payment of any outstanding monies, i.e. final months payment. Cancellation terms; I “the customer” can cancel my contract at any time from month 4 onwards by simply paying in full all outstanding fees; e.g. cancelling on month 6 once payment is received by ON TV Ltd, would just leave an outstanding balance of 6 calendar months to pay; another example; January, February and March are 3 calendar months, then you carry on advertising with ON TV Ltd, but suddenly in May you wish to cancel, the outstanding amount would simply be May if payment is not already received followed by June up to December.

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