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ON-TV UK LTD is a promotional company that provides digital advertising space in popular locations.  This enables our customers' adverts to be totally visible.
We are the most economical and effective way of advertising your business.  With a dedicated team which includes technical support between the hours of 9am and 9pm.  Our screens are reliable and will display your advert 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year.  With 4 Designers working together on each project you can be confident that your advert will be attractive and meet your business needs.
We try our best to promote your business.


ON-TV UK LTD offers professional staff commitment with over 10 years of business experience showing we truly are a company that has all the solutions to your advertising problems.

Turnover for ON-TV has doubled each month and has proven to be very successful with our customers.  Reports state that sales have rocketed in recent times despite the recession and part of this has been attributed to advertising with ON-TV advertising.

Idea behind ON-TV UK LTD
Advertising on TV can be expensive and the target audience can be hard to attract if your business mainly relies on local customers. Our solution to this perfect; we have numerous large LCD and Plasma screens placed in both shopping centres in Rochdale (The Wheatsheaf and The Rochdale Exchange Centre) allowing local businesses to advertise on these screens at a price that is truly brilliant. Read More Read more about ON TV

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  We are currently offering a range of special offers to meet every advertising budget.  

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